Your yacht is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions and most likely one of your largest investments and you want to make sure that you get the best price possible when the time comes for you to sell your yacht and or to trade your yacht for your new yacht.

Rendevous Yachts is one of the world leaders in the sales of luxury yachts on the globe and your perfect competent partner to professionally market, promote and sell your yacht efficiently and effectively to your utmost favor.

We at Rendevous Yachts make sure that your yacht is marketed efficiently into the right circles and to the right and serious potential buyers with accurate and up to date Information and with access to the best marketing platforms, materials and tools.

Once a pre-qualified buyer is identified, we will handle, relive you and guide you through each phase, ensuring that all documentation is up to date and you are fully protected, before finalizing the purchase agreement, sea trial, and final administrative paperwork.

Owners trust us to market their yacht effectively in order to achieve a timely sale and our advanced database and expertise allows us to bring potential buyers and sellers together in a discreet, smooth, and easy transition successfully.

Please contact us at any time for further details and individual arrangements customized for your utmost successful solution.