About Us

André Heiligers has been involved in boating since the age of 7, as his family had access to the yachts at their residence. His father introduced him to the world of yachting, where André developed deep understanding and passion for the yachting industry over the course of his life.

Growing up in Germany, he studied International Management, Business Administration and Human Resources, and then furthered his education by studying Ship Building, Oceanology and Yacht Design at the Hamburg University of Technology in Germany.

Later, he moved to Monaco and Italy where he run a successful career in Maritime and Aviation Technology and cruised the Mediterranean as a licensed captain on sail and power boats.

In 2013 André moved to the United States and settled in Florida where he found Rendevous Yachts and continues to expand his operations worldwide.

As a licensed & bonded yacht broker he specializes in professional yacht sales and new construction. With expertise in project management, electrical technical office, interior design, upgrades and new build, André has the ability to merge all key relevant parameters and exceed set expectations.

André’s commitment, passion and friendly personality coupled with his true mastery of boating allowed him to become one of the industry’s leading experts.