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Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Languages Spoken: English. German

André has been involved in boating since the age of 7, as his family had access to the yachts at their residence. His father introduced him to the world of yachting, where André developed deep understanding and passion for the yachting industry over the course of his life.

Growing up in Germany, he studied International Management, Business Administration and Human Resources, and then furthered his education by studying Ship Building, Oceanology and Yacht Design at the Hamburg University of Technology in Germany.

Later, he moved to Monaco and Italy where he run a successful career in Maritime and Aviation Technology and cruised the Mediterranean as a licensed captain on sail and power boats.

In 2013 André moved to the United States and settled in Florida where he founded Rendevous Yachts and continues to expand his operations worldwide.

As a licensed & bonded yacht broker he specializes in professional yacht sales and new construction. With expertise in project management, electrical technical office, interior design, upgrades and new build, André has the ability to merge all key relevant parameters and exceed set expectations.

André’s commitment, passion and friendly personality coupled with his true mastery of boating allowed him to become one of the industry’s leading experts.

Contact André on his Mobile: +1 (954) 655-9037 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Operations Manager


Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, basic Spanish

Laela’s expertise in creativity, customer care & operations as a Chief Yacht Steward aboard luxurious super yachts in Southern Florida and the Carribean, where she was commended for possessing a professional and positive attitude with genuine warmth and a stellar work ethic. She is a PADI-Certified Search and Rescue SCUBA diver and has saved a gentleman from drowning and another from a food allergy attack aboard a yacht. She is also certified by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary unit in the State of Florida for safe boating practices.

Her passion and dedication to boating started during a recreational sailing trip with her friends from Los Angeles to Santa Catalina Island in California, consequently leading her to starting a fulfilling career in the maritime industry where she also developed a strong sense of devotion to boating and boaters alike as she constantly evolves in the industry. Her love for the ocean and boating grew even further when she acquired her first boat. The experience provided Laela with a deep appreciation and understanding for boat owners’ needs, concerns and enjoyment.

Laela also holds a FACTS Safety and Emergency training credential and is a VIP Corporate Flight Attendant who provides an unwavering commitment to safety, service excellence and genuine care for both clientele and fellow crew members. She enjoys staying fit, being creative and organized in thought and action, a humanitarian who embraces diverse world cultures as well as a foodie and a certified Nutritionist with a fondness in world cuisine committed to providing solutions to your catering needs.

Reliable, ambitious and a team-player who identifies every little detail and, as a Professional Artist & Model, innately creative and keen on aesthetical concepts, Laela endeavors to improve the quality of life for all whether it is helping you book your dream charter trip, finding your ideal yacht. She treats everyone with respect and is committed to creating unique and unforgettable memories for you.

Contact Laela | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Language Spoken: English

Aaron’s professional journey in hospitality began in 2006 when he joined Ome Caterers as a staff manager. He explored bartending and social event management where he collaborated with chefs to create original signature cocktails, some of which were published in Star Ledger, Princeton Magazine and NJ Bride Magazine.

Going up the ladder of restaurant business, he worked alongside Steve Starr of the Starr Catering Group handling execution of complex group events, operations and employee training.

He knew that offering his strong hospitality background to the world of yachting will benefit the company and illuminate his passion for sales.
Aaron’s industry expertise, experience and drive makes him a valuable Rendevous Yachts member.

He is a devoted father to three daughters and loves the play drums and percussion.

Contact Aaron on his Mobile: +1(609)955-1984 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew

Growing up in South Florida, the yacht capital of the world, Aaron is since involved in the active maritime industry as a licensed & bonded Yacht Broker who explored the local and international waters on powerboats since the age of 9 with his father, also a boating enthusiast, as they share and developed their passion for yachting with a deep commitment and understanding for boating.

Aaron has a broad knowledge in his terrain, to establish himself as a recognized and reliable yacht broker as well as a financial specialist. Further, Aaron maintains an international network of clients, which is constantly expanding.

Aaron goes above and beyond for owners, buyers, charter clients and all those interested in some of the most beautiful vessels in the world. Aaron is devoted to providing extraordinary service supplying customers with adequate and most effective solutions for all your boating needs.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys water sports such as kayaking, taking his speed boat for a spin and goes fishing with his friends.

You will enjoy meeting and working with Aaron. He identifies your needs and will certainly meet and exceed your expectations to deliver the utmost results for you.

Contact Aaron on his Mobile: +1(786)973-4061 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Language Spoken: English

As a Sports Enthusiast with Love for the Sea and Boats, Travis is highly motivated to bringing his knowledge and expertise to the world of yachting. For your extraordinary boating experience, Travis is your man. The 2013 Utah State University graduate has a knack for finding & selecting fine vessels and providing unforgettable memories, from meeting and exceeding all your unique boating requirements to bringing you amazing ocean adventures you will keep for a lifetime.

Born and reared in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Travis developed a passion for yachting in 2016 when he joined a luxury concierge entity in Miami Florida. Building his resources & clientele, Travis became very successful at yacht chartering for everyone with their boating needs both for tourists and locals alike in Miami, Florida.

Wish Travis’s passion for boating, unmistaken motivation and positive attitude, rest assure that You with your family and friends will be well taken cared of. You will certainly enjoy working with Travis. His Efforts and Hard Work is certainly to your utmost Solution.

Contact Travis on his Mobile: +1(954)740-0073 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Brandon began his yachting career in 2013 when he worked in Barbados aboard various sized vessels ranging from luxury tours to fishing charters. Being in and around the ocean has always felt natural to him since was born and raised literally on the ocean. During his Time of living in Hawaii he expanded his surfing skills and to date travels the world for the next awesome wave.

In 2015 he moved to Miami and inevitably he fell right back into the same line of passion & interest. After years of hard work and dedication he finally given the opportunity to become a captain and archived his 100 Ton License.

Throughout his time working and captaining a variety of yachts along with the relationships he have built from all people in the business, he became more and more familiar with the yachting market with every yacht he has been on and operated. Brandon currently runs a Marina in Dade County and takes care of everything alike.

With Brandon’s calm & friendly demeanor, professionalism and passion to being of service, you can be rest assured that Brandon will meet & exceed all your boating needs to your utmost satisfaction.

Contact Brandon on his Mobile: +1 (786) 296-6787 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker


Languages Spoken: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Erin was brought up by her grandfather, a high rank Navy Officer. Her grandfather participated in the Baltic Sea during WWII and shared many fascinating stories of his adventures at sea and taught her the values of being accurate and organized in life. Based in South Florida, she actively graced international yacht exhibitions such as the Miami International Boat Show and other special maritime events with experiences working onboard luxurious yachts.

Before making the yachting industry the center of her life, she completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management as well.
She then furthered her education when she entered the yachting industry in 2018 and completed numerous maritime certifications under her belt.

During her spare time, she follows her hobbies on yachts, including her own boat, ocean & landscape drone shooting, teaches & practices yoga, creates activities on the ocean & advocates environment protection.

As a Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker with Rendevous Yachts, Erin is knowledgeable, reliable and motivated to introduce your Boat into the right circles with a proper promotion. She is delighted to represent and protect you to your utmost solution for the Purchase of your new Boat. You will love working with Erin, a skilled, reliable and honest Person who is working very hard for You to archive best Results.

Contact Erin on her Mobile: +1-(786)-202-4003 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker

Gabriel Attenborough

Languages Spoken: English

Gabriel grew up on the islands of The Bahamas, and was introduced to the sea at a young age where he developed a passion for maritime and marine life alike. He started his studies in Canada at 18, where shortly after he spent a year at sea on commercial vessels traveling around South America and through The Panama Canal.

After a year in Merchant Marines, Gabriel ventured into yachting where he travelled to myriads of exotic destinations around the world. In 2019 he spent two semesters studying Nautical Science at Warsash Maritime Academy where he achieved his Officers Of The Watch Unlimited License and Captain 200GT License.

Gabriel’s other passions are fitness, water sports, Krav Maga & Fitness. Not only does Gabriel bring a vibrant atmosphere to RYS, he’s dynamic and passionate in delivering nothing but the best to his clients, and has a vast knowledge in the yachting industry to ensure your every need is met and satisfied.

Contact Gabriel on his Mobile: +1-954-663-1479 | Office: +1(305) 200-3550 | Email: [email protected]